Reproducing Leader Assessment

Answer the following questions by rating yourself with bunnies! One Bunny means you’ve never done this and five bunnies means you do this all the time! Hit submit and receive a list of resources that will help you on the journey to become a reproducing leader!

  1. I have asked someone to be my apprentice and then developed that person to the point where they became a leader themselves.
  2. I am involved in ministry leadership and I fully expect (and have a plan) to reproduce myself.
  3. I have an apprentice (someone that I pour into regularly).
  4. The leaders that I have developed have reproduced other leaders: I've got grandkids!
  5. Others would characterize me as someone who consistently develops potential leaders and empowers them to lead.
  6. I am connected to other leaders who intentionally influence me to lead more effectively.
  7. I have a clear plan for how to raise up and release an apprentice.
  8. I consider the reproducing of leaders a significant part of my own spiritual development.
  9. am coaching a leader who is also developing an apprentice.
  10. I have a track record of reproducing leaders.
  11. I am able to model leadership for those who are looking to reproduce others.
  12. The mission of helping people find their way back to God is a driving force in my everyday life.
  13. My weekly schedule reflects time spent with an apprentice or a leader that I am developing.
  14. I have a vision for ministry that includes specific people being apprenticed into ministry.
  15. I don't do much ministry on my own, rather I bring along someone who is learning from me.
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